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The company was established in 2013 with the vision to provide quality and intricate designs for customers’ print and paper needs at affordable prices. Quality has always been our topmost priority and we only use the best materials, printing our products using world-class printers, inks, and papers.


Our love for papers and stationery brought us to this business. At first, we thought this would be a good excuse for us to indulge in our obsession, hence brought us to a brighter side.  We started making designs for gift tags for our friends and later on evolved in designing invitations and other materials. As an artist, this became our medium. 


Now, still a small and passionate driven company, we are committed to providing commercial and professional-quality prints. From weddings to corporate events, Print & Co. has provided exceptional quality to every client's print and paper needs.


It has always been a challenge for us to make people understand how important invitations, business cards, and note cards are. It is not just a piece of paper that you throw after seeing it, but it is a piece of paper that reflects who you are.

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